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Business Loans in USA

With over 15 years of providing dedicated & effective financial services to businesses nationwide, General Cash Advance has the experience and resources to help any business achieve financial stability.


General Cash Advance is dedicated to offering small to mid-sized businesses a variety of reliable financial products and services. Business Loan Solutions and SBA Loans are a great option for small to mid-sized businesses that are unable to get approved for traditional financing from banks and lenders. They are also effective for those who are unwilling to deal with the hassles of a long approval process and mountains of paperwork. These businesses can confidently turn to General Cash Advance to provide access to different types of Business Loan Products. The rates are very comparable to traditional financing and the terms can range from 2 years to 10 years. Your agent will walk you through the process when you apply.

We work directly with you during every step of the application process to ensure you get the best possible options available to you. Depending on your qualifications and underwriting guidelines as a business, you may qualify for weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payments. General Cash Advance understands the urgency as well as your need for payment flexibility which is why we work to establish a payment plan that fits your needs. This product is best for merchants with better credit history and provable positive business cash flow. This product can be considerably cheaper than a Merchant Cash Advance, rates vary based on program type, borrower credit, business credit and the term length.


We are the MOST reliable funding firm comprised of Real People helping Real People.  Every decision we advice you on will always be in your best interest. Our primary goal is to help you acquire the funds you need without putting your business in a position of liability.

  • Up To 2 Days For Approval
  • Simple & Quick Application Process
  • Dedicated Financial Agent
  • Long Term Business Loans


General Cash Advance works with over 250 different kinds of businesses. We specialize in helping businesses gain access to business loans that help not hinder their growth. Businesses like restaurants, auto repair shops, retailers, doctors, beauty salons, HVAC contractors and many other service providers can all greatly benefit from our reliable small business loan solutions. Allow us the opportunity to connect you with an alternative lender that can assess your business within minutes and give you the funding options you need, General Cash Advance, your one stop source for all your funding needs.