Business Funding Solutions

Equipment Funding in USA


As they say, strike while the iron is hot. If your business is booming and you are ready to meet a higher level of demand, General Cash Advance is here to support that growth. Growth requires more equipment to meet more demand. Instead of waiting until you have the cash on hand to make major equipment purchases, an Equipment Financing program can be an effective alternative for obtaining the equipment needed to operate and grow your business.

Waiting can mean risking that growth opportunity to pass you by. Your business could receive the equipment now and pay for it over time, while it generates the profits to pay for itself. This allows your business access to the tools it needs to compete and achieve constant growth & sustainability.

Trust The Right Lender

Unlike other lenders who treat you like just another application, General Cash Advance and its staff give each applicant the attention and consideration they deserve. We review your application and documents objectively to understand your business and your needs. Our funding agents create options and solutions for each business that all can meet your needs in different ways giving you the ability to choose your path independently. Just ask the thousands of business owners we have helped.