The GCA Process

How It Works

Our Simple Process

General Cash Advance goes out of their way to make the application process simple and fast just as they describe it. They keep a record of all documents sent and do not keep coming back to you with more requests like other lenders. I always refer people to them because they really are the best.

Step 1: Getting Started

The first step in our process is always getting to know you and your business. Our application is just the first stage of truly knowing your needs. Completing our funding application helps us know which step to take next. This helps us avoid the unnecessary constant requests of documents and information. We ensure we have what we need first.

Step 2: Discussing Your Needs

Once you complete our funding application, we now know what direction to go when it comes to helping you qualify for the best possible offers available. Your designated agent now can have an in-depth conversation with you about your goals, your business, and its needs. This gives us the data we need to get you funded.

Step 3: Review Your Offers

Once we feel we have the documents and information we need to get your qualified for funding, we go ahead an begin organizing your offers which are based on how much you qualify for and at what terms. In many cases, you given a few options which allows you to choose whichever path is best for you.

Step 4: Get Funded

Once you take the time to review the offers we have presented you with, it is now time to make a decision on which offer you would like to choose. The offer you choose will be finalized which usually takes a few hours. Once that is complete, we can have your funds deposited directly in to your bank either same day or next depending what time your bank closes.

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